Monday, April 21, 2014

Freetronics OLED + MPU6050

This post is a follow-up to my previous post. In here i have shown the setup i did for the OLED and MPU 6050. The only difference is that i have used the MPU 6050 IMU in this case which is a 6DOF MEMS device sporting a triple axis accelerometer and gyroscope. The Teensy 3.1, MPU6050 and OLED are powered by a 400mAH LiPo battery. For lesser power consumption the Gyro and Temperature sensor of the MPU-6050 were disabled and the sensor data was made available at a frequency of 40 Hz - the wake up frequency configured in the LP_WAKE_CTRL register. In this way with only the accelerometer enabled in low power mode, as per the datasheet, the accelerometer draws 140 microamps. The objective was to test how long the configuration will operate (I've got bigger plans for these little circuits....coming soon)

An Arduino UNO powered by a DC adapter to drive the servo on which the MPU-6050 is mounted

The servo setup. The servo arm swipes back and forth 180 degrees to simulate movement and generate data off the sensor board, displaying a neat (oscillating) graph

The LiPo and the charger interface

Birds eye view.

The circuit was operational for 5 hours 21 minutes before the battery ran out.

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hakan aydın said...

Hi. How can you do mpu6050 in low power ? can you help me ?