Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dark Energy...

Here we go again, another of my crusades in After Effects. This time using Optical flares from video co-pilot i was able to mesh together elements representing a dark energy source far off in the distance. I wonder if Gordon Freeman was there, hmmmm. Neways as shown below the actual footage was shot in broad daylight from my terrace, so i had to convert a day scene to a night scene and an environment that would have an impact from the anomaly hovering in the sky. The original footage was actually not meant for a staging of this type but i used it neways. With help of matte layers, masks and color correction i was able to construct the necessary environment to some extent. Motion tracked a point to determine the position of  the glow element and applied the tracking data to a matte layer. Being a programmer i would say its got a few bugs if examined closely but hey i bet its pretty decent composit on a beginners basis ;).. As usual the rendering was done as an AVI file with ffdshow codec. This is the first version of a series to come. Got to add a little more eye candy to the composit.

This is a frame from the original footage

This is frame from the composit

And here is the world premier of the video (Heh..)

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