Saturday, November 27, 2010

Creative Crash

I guess we all have seen this before, some point in our lives, maybe not everyone but mostly the ones who spend hours in front of a "PC" have experienced that at times the windows display freezes, any attempt to click any buttons or the start menu are useless and moreover if you get the task manager running you can drag it around and its previous position does not go off the screen, so what you get is a pattern of windows all over the screen as you drag 'em around. Now i am not quite sure what this phenomenon is called but i bet its the display driver getting messed up. Since the only way to recover is by a cold reset, you can call it a crash.

So here i am surfing facebook, checking mail - the usual time kiiling stuff when everything freezes. Nothing works, so i bring up the task manager to kill some running processes, killed them, no use, i move the task manager only to see the phenomenon described above. I am bored, i am pissed.....

CLICK TO ENLARGE THE PICS BELOW ( 4000 x 3000 pixels)

Snapshot of a PC disaster

And so i just kept dragggin the windows till eternity hoping for a complete system crash, but that does'nt happen. Well, this kind of stuff is unpredictable and rare, so what you gonna do when you get this crash - get Creative, after all how many operating systems have a feature like this ;)

The text below was made by dragging many notepad windows in the desired patttern....

Look !!! Its the Untitled Notepad Express

A small video of nothingness and boredom

Well that was the end of it, had to restart the PC to get back "online". Will cook up more ideas when / "if" this happens next time, might carve a face or something....i suck at MS Paint :-P

P.S - For the over-inquisitive, nothing here is photoshopped. I am betting Microsoft on it...

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Prabhu said...

Nice man.. i love the notepad express :D