Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dark Energy II

As i mentioned earlier, the previous composite (Dark energy) lacked a few elements and some extra sfx. So this time i added an additional flare, moving along the perpendicular beam path as though the anomaly in the sky was sucking out the life force (or Gaia - as Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within so eloquently put it) of our planet. Having done this it was time to add some sound to the composite. For this i used sound from the original clip and mixed it with one of the scores from the movie 300 - Xerxes' Final Offer by Tyler Bates. In a nutshell this was accomplished using After Effects, Optical Flares for video & SFX and Cool Edit Pro for audio. With all the elements in place, here is the final movie Dark Energy II ( P.S - This is the last one & no more sequels to this :-P ). Channel link -

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