Thursday, August 14, 2014

Visible Light Communications - Lumia 920 Windows Phone + Galaxy S5 Android

While i wait for the components to arrive i am trying some new stuff using the existing setup. Here is how i implemented a VLC data transmitter using the Windows Phone 8.0 - A Nokia Lumia 920....

--- A few eons later ---

Well this just did not turn out to be good. I tried to modulate the flash of the camera on both the Lumia 920 Windows phone and Android Galaxy S5 with similar results - It Does Not Work !! The maximum modulation frequency i got was around 33 Hz for both the devices. I believe achieving higher data rates using onboard timer mechanisms of the OS just does not work. If you are reading this and are an expert on Android or Windows Phone Operating systems, i would be glad if you could give this a try or even sugesst me how to achieve high resolution timers that operate without giving any distortion / timing errors if i use them to modulate the camera flash. The image below shows the application. Turn On / Turn Off just switch the flash ON/OFF using the torch mode. Timed button activates a timer based on the DispatchTimer class. The time duration is taken from the Textbox. Similarly the Pool Timer button activates a timer created using the ThreadPoolTimer class.

As an example here is the code from my windows phone program. P.S - This code was adapted from several examples i found on the internet and after doing a brief study on the WP8 How Tos. I do not major in WP8 programming ;) So if you spot something wierd please let me know...

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