Friday, August 29, 2014

Arduino + WizNet Ethernet Shield + Xively

I got this WizNet Ethernet Shield that i wanted to try out with the Arduino since the CC3000s proved to be a complete disaster. The shield appeared to be of chinese make and quiet different from the original Arduino Ethernet shield. I stacked my Sparkfun Weather shield on top of it as shown below only to find out that there was no provision to connect the I2C lines from the Arduino. SDA and SCL were not brought out onto the ethernet shield. Even the IOREF pin was not connected which was not helping the weather shield as the temperature and humidity sensor were interfaced using I2C and also needed the reference voltage. Looks like i have to tryout the original arduino ethernet shield sometime which has the I2C header present.Anyways i can only acquire the light sensor data using sparkfun shield using the existing setup.

 The code for the same is as below and what i had shown in an earlier post. The temperature and humidity settings have been zeroed out. The data is sent out to the Xively website.

Alternatively to test how effective the ethernet shield was i sent a value of 0 and 50 alternatively every 2 seconds to the Xively website. The code for that is shown below. Also shown below is the screenshot from the Xively site displaying the incoming data in the graph. Ideally the graph is supposed to be a continuous " saw waveform". The gaps that you can see are the connection to the xively site failing. It takes some amount of time to get back online. But it does recover unlike the CC3000 that goes into some infinite loop. So, apart from the fact that the I2C is messed up, i kinda like this shield. I hope the guys who made this shield add those I2C headers.... :)


Ricky Kwon said...

Hi, My name is Ricky Kwon, at WIZnet in Korea.
We have been searching some application references in which WIZnet solution is applied, and found your project “Arduino + WizNet Ethernet Shield + Xively“ using WIZnet Ethernet Interface.
Recently we opened WIZnet Museum ( site. This is a academic-purposed collection of open projects, tutorials, articles and etc from our global customers.
If you are O.K. we would like to introduce your projects in here. Hopefully, you will allow this.
Also, if you are interested, we would like to send the Ethernet shield of our latest chip version, W5500 or WiFi Shield. You may be able to establish another project with them.
Hopefully, keep contacting us for the friendship.
Thank you very much

Rishi said...

You can publish this on your site. I just saw this comment, apparently i was not notified for some reason by Blogger...

Thank You, i'll be in touch