Monday, March 31, 2014

Global Trance Russia

Today marks the release of the much anticipated compilation by Ex-Driver - Global Trance Russia. A compilation of 15 beautiful productions. One such track being - The Shores Of Light - a collaboration between myself and russian DJ/Producer Ilya Soloviev. This is a very special album to me as it marks my first release as a producer. The album will be released on Discover Recordings. Meanwhile check out the tracks.

Ivan Khurtin and Van Bake -- Snow Blind
Sensetive5 -- To The Stars
Hydro Poison -- Minerals
Jonathan vanAtom -- In Color (Ex-Driver Remix)
Second Way -- OLGA
Damian Wasse -- Key to Life
Ilya Soloviev and Rishi Franklin -- Shores of Light
Ex-Driver and Satellite - Flashback
2Trancy -- Endless Motion
Katy Rutkovski -- Revive
Danila Kraev -- Still Water Runs Deep
Stan Wise -- Dynamism
Second Sine -- White House (Trance Mix)
Ex-Driver & Allan Morrow -- Metropolis
Chris Hampshire -- Ninety Four (Ex-Driver Remix)

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