Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ubuntu on BeagleBoard.....

Finally, got running Ubuntu 10.04 on my BeagleBoard. All setup with a pretty slick script. Two actually - and the one below:

1. Goto
2. Download
3. Unpack it - tar -xvf ubuntu-10.04-minimal-armel.tar [after unzipping it in WinRAR or 7z]
4. Run the script - ./ --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot beagle

And bingo after a while the BB boots up with Ubuntu (console version)

I did however try a few things though. Got an Angstrom full development enabled image / rootfs generated by the Angstrom Online Builder utility at
This one however did not run on the BB as it was getting stuck at Free init memory 168K which indicated a broken or incorrect build. Now as it had some binaries compiled for the ARM architecture i used the same on Ubuntu. A few worked but the one that i really wanted to - arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc - did not, giving an error saying - execv : Exec format error. However i managed to run vim from Angstrom distro in Ubuntu -

- Copy vim binary from /usr/bin of Angstrom to /usr/bin - of Ubuntu
- Copy all the following libs from /usr/lib - Angstrom to Ubuntu
- as
- as
- as
- as
- as
- as

- Copy everything from /usr/share/vim/vim72 of Angstrom into sams path of Ubuntu.
- Edit vimrc of Ubuntu at /usr/share/vim and comment syntax highlighting, uncomment the indentation related lines and add set backspace=2 to make life easier and prevent any startup warnings.

Bingo, now we've got vim running on ubuntu from angstrom the hard way...
Now only if i could compile stuff directly on the BB !!!

A screenshot of a typical dev day (click to maximize)

Mid screen - Ubuntu console interface over HDMI
Right - Kernel debugger console
Left - Die Hard 4.0

Until then - Ciao...