Thursday, May 27, 2010

Music & Me

So, this is how all it starts - sample by sample, a single channel at a time, surfing through a million frequencies just to match the right one for the mood, lots of subtractive synthesis, motivation from A State of Trance and many iterations to get the right sounds straight out of my Virtual Music Studio. Now, i not being a music major, there is just one thing that drives me to create, that is - "If there is so much good music being made out there, then why can't i make some...", no matter how crappy it sounds at first, its got to improve once i "upgrade" my studio to get the ultimate trance & progressive record right from the comfort of my home...

I confess i am just a beginner at this stage. The tracks i create are mostly ambient, progressive tunes, a basic set of instruments and synths, no vocals ( will try a vocal too if i have to, just have to find one girl with a divine voice :P)

So wanna know what i am up to, check out my channel at the bottom of the page.

A snapshot of work in progress (click to maximize):

And the final output (The picture is of Varthur Lake, taken from Aricent cafeteria in Whitefield)

The track below is one of my absolute favourites. Produced by Andre Tanneberger (a.k.a ATB) with the beautiful vocals of Roberta Harrison, Swept Away, from the album Future Memories

Check out some other tracks of mine on my channel:

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