Sunday, October 5, 2014

Visible Light Communication Chronicles - Part V - The Boards

The boards are here !! The images shown below are the VLC RX and TX boards i designed as shields for the Arduino UNO. An array of 12 LEDs forms the transmitter, a TEMD6200FX photodiode on the RX board, an Analog Devices XRAD8051 transimpedance amplifier followed by a SY8890 limiting amplifier. The wires on the TX board are test points i added at every stage of the output blocks. The FTDI is an alternative interface to connect the boards on USB-UART to a cellphone over OTG. The control path signalling is implemented using the NRF24L01+ RF module.

Time to solder all them components and get 'em boards runnin' (strong southern accent :P)

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