Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alternate Reality EP3

Here is my latest composite. Shot near Samsung lakeView building with a Nokia N8 at 720p, an armada of Graf Zepplins in the sky with a mountaneous terrain in the background. None of which is in the original footage as shown below.

The workflow in brief is shown below.

1. Getting the stock images. In this case the mountains and zepplins. Using photoshop isolate the key elements to be composited into the shot. E.g. the removal of the zepplin from the original image as shown below.

2. Motion track the footage. To prevent the elements in the composite from slipping due to camera movement. Match moving estimates the camera motion and can be used to store the position and rotation intormation into a null object. After this any element linked to the null object moves with the camera.

3. The Rope. 3DS Max Reactor physics used to simulate a falling rope. A loft modifier applied to the simulated spline creates a rope like structure. Need not worry about its texture / appearance as its far away from the camera. However a suitable color is necessary to make it visible in front of the background.

4. The Sounds. Nothing fancy here. Open up the DAW, Play around till whatever sounds nice cos' this ain't a hollywood movie haters.!!! Toxic 3 and Sytrus used to generate the sound effects in FL.

5. Bring it all together with an assortment of track mattes, masks, adjustment layers and color grading and you're done.

Until next time...

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