Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breaking the Rules...

I’ve always assumed that the requirement to turn off all electronic devices prior to takeoff (and landing), and not to transmit signals inflight, was silly and not based in science. That perhaps if you could pick up cell signals it would be problematic for your providers, hopping around as you are. But that the median electronic device carried by the average business traveler couldn’t possibly interfere with an aircraft’s navigation systems. But as with so many rules, once implemented they’re hard to dislodge. Ok, cell phones - Yes, these do interfere with the comm systems on board. But i bet Cameras DO NOT. I've heard this in 5 different languages:

Please turn off all electronic devices during take-off and landing. Photography is prohibited by law at certain airports.


이륙과 착륙 동안 모든 전자 장치를 해제하십시오. 사진은 특정 공항에서 법률에 의해 금지되어 있습니다.

take-kalkış ve iniş sırasında tüm elektronik cihazlar kapatınız. Fotoğrafçılık bazı havaalanlarında yasa ile yasaklanmıştır.

Proszę wyłączyć wszystkie urządzenia elektroniczne podczas startu i lądowania. Fotografia jest zakazane przez prawo w niektórych portach lotniczych.

Such are the rules. But its a pity that rules are meant to be broken. Without me breaking the rules this post would not exist :-P

Hong Kong International

Hong Kong Bay area


 Hong Kong city




 Ataturk International Airport



 City of Istanbul




Missed a few good shots at times because of getting caught while flashing....a camera while take-off.
Hong Kong pics - taken from my Nokia 3250
Istanbul pics - taken from my Sony TX-1

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