Monday, July 27, 2009

An Audience Classified ...

Ever been in a workshop, attended a conference with lots of people, lots of types of people, well then its time to classify such audiences.

The 4 P's of an audience:

P - One - Participants - The ones who have actually come of their own free will to gain some knowledge from the discussions.

(Typical dialog: Hey cool check it out....)

P - Two - Prisoners - The ones who have been forced to attend the conference by their superiors, and had / have no interest in the contents of the conference.

(Typical dialog: Arre yaar, ye kab khatam hoga...)

P - Three - Protesters - The highly acclaimed critic. Bring it on types challenging / criticizing everything told by the presenter. At times asking nasty irrelevant questions.

(Typical dialog: ...what are the advantages of such technology...won't it flop ... can i blink an LED with your multi-million dollar processor)

P - Four - Picnickers - The ones who are neutral, they have no idea what the conference is all about, they are here just for the free food during the break, usually accompany one of the types above ...

(Typical dialog: ....khaaneka time hogaya kya...aur kitnaa time baaki hai...)

So thats it ... next time you go such places, be ready to identify like a pro ... or
Which one have you been eh ?? :-P


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Kedar said...

Protesters are badly beaten by the panelist like Mr.Dilip Mehta :-)))))))))))